W.A Oil Factory and Distributor P.L.Was established in July 14, 2013 in Amara Region State Eastern Gojjam Zone near Debre Markos town with a capital of Birr 620,000,000 (Birr Six Hundred twenty Million )with the objectives of extracting and refining high  quality edible oil for local and export market  . The business objective of the company, as stated in the memorandum of association, includes;

  1. Production and distribution of Edible Oil
  2. Construction Machinery Rental
  3. Construction Work
  4. Trading and Business/Whole Sale and Retail
  5. General Import , Export and Commission Agent

Participate in Argo-Industry and Supply to Foreign Market etc. From these company specific business objectives by establishment, it has broader economic and social objectives. It creates additional wealth and plays facilitation role in trade and services.Socially, the company will have a role in supporting the national effort of creating jobs and employment thereby creating wealth for citizens  Business Run by the Company Among the business objectives plannedas mentioned in the establishment document, the company is now running the following business activities. Project The companyis engaged mainly on extracting and refining edible oil for local and export market. And to achieve this objective, the company is currently undertaking a project of erecting state of the art machineries capable of running complete production line of first grade quality edible oil that meets the international standard. The Plant is located in Amhara Regional State, East Gojjam Zone, near Debre Markos Town with 32,103m2 of leased land secured from government of Amhara Regional State with an office in Addis Ababa, Bole Sub City, where the plant management and other import business tasks are directed.Realizing the unmatched demand and supply phenomena prevailing in the edible oil market, W.A. Oil Factory and Distributor PLC has ventured to invest in the Agro-Processing Industry with an investment capital of birr 684 million to extract and refine edible oil using local produced raw material input.