The purpose of this platform is meant to create and serve the public, stakeholders, businesses, investors, individuals and governments for knowledge and wisdom sharing hub of various agendas related to the most successful experiences of investors, politicians, scientists, doctors, Engineers, leaders, political parties, researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, journalists, sport legends and other related subject would be a vital tool for the public, firms, individuals and related stakeholders to gain valuable knowledge and wisdom on a range of topics with relation to various agendas and life experiences.

The platform will be able to solve decades challenges of lack of sharing of resources among various stakeholders, traditional knowledge and wisdom practices, unable to receive the right criticism and practice from the other stakeholders, difficulty in sharing knowledge and experience, delay and bureaucracy to gain the insights and experiences of successful stakeholders, unable to find the right partners and stakeholders with the most wisdom and knowledge, difficult to gain the stage for new startups, complicated scheme of tracking down the most successful personalities and firms, unable to get proper hisses and challenges from the public and various experts, lack of getting many alternatives and offers, unable to get most the voices and experiences of the most successful in various industries, difficult of bringing changes within the existence of the same old players in the market and overall the lack of a level playing field and hub for the interaction, information exchange, engagement, partnership, knowledge sharing and collaboration for the public, firms and stakeholders. Successful and legend personalities and the public can create their own profile page and start to receive and disseminate critical knowledge and wisdom within their comfort through their mobile, pc, laptop, tablet and any other compatible device.

With the proper usage and execution of mebkat platform the public, firms and related stakeholders will be able to gain the right authenticated information, the right knowledge sharing and experiences, level playing field to compete, their voices are heard by the right stakeholders, to instantly reach huge customer base and sponsors, easily connect with the right stakeholders for various cooperation, a means to propagate new ideas and perspectives in the industry, a chance to give critics to challenge the status-quo, an environment to see the big picture of the industry, an opportunity to see various industry standards and wisdoms, a chance to get stakeholders’ works at a check and balance environment and overall create a scenario by which the public, firms and various stakeholders will be able to achieve and bring big transformation in various perspectives across the industry.In general it would be a strategic and vital instrument for bring a culture of authentication, ownership, check and balance, equal level playing field, information visibility, collaboration and communication, cooperation and partnership, information access and dissemination, challenging and supporting, knowledge and experience sharing, following industry standards and overall would once and for all bring the industry and the whole economy to a new level of discussion and creativity.