The ETPA is established to bridge the technology and Telecom challenges that exist in Ethiopia. It consists of the best and brightest minds in the country that have knowledge, experience and expertise with regards to the Technology and Telecom arena.

Its core objectiveis to create awareness and knowledge in the technology and telecom area. It also envisionsbeing the leading association with regards to the research, development and innovation of the telecom related works in the country. It aspiresto bridge the gap between the public, businesses, government and investors when it comes to technology and telecom arena.It will work closely with every firms and organizations in its attempt to support and consult them to be the highest beneficiary of the technology and telecom services for their day-to-day challenges and customer needs.

The ETPA consists of nine board members whom are comprised from the highest offices whom are vital stakeholders of the technology and telecom sectors. These are Ethio Telecom, Ministry of Science & Technology, and Ministry of communication and Information Technology, Ministry of Education, National Bank of Ethiopia, Economic Commissions for Africa, Ethiopian Network Security Agency, ETPA’s CEO and Metals & Engineering Corporation.

The day to day activities and duties of the ETPA will be managed by one CEO (Chief Executive Officer), three Deputy CEOs, on General Secretary and nine departments with the structure of the D/CEOs

The ETPA aspires to support the Technology and Telecom sector that are the cornerstones in the development and transformation of Ethiopia. It engages with multinational companies, foreign associations, local firms, investors and government offices in the effort to promote, boost and assist the growth of the Technology and Telecom solutions across the nation.